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people make fun of poor people for being fat, yet get their feelings hurt when those of lower class try to buy healthy food with food stamps 

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i wanna make a jewish network where all us jewish ppl can come together and talk about the incredibly shocking amount of holocaust jokes and wave our angry little fists at christians 

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literally thats all anyone would need to tell me to get me to hate john green

"did you know in one of his books the two main characters make out in the anne frank house"

thats literally making out with someone at a holocaust memorial that’s awful what the fuck

especially in the context of the scene, like they act like they’re Taking It Back For True Love bc no one else appreciates the anne frank house in the right way, i love when white christians reclaim holocaust memorials

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-23° 26’ 29.64”, +151° 54’ 14.80”

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wtf promo me

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promo me its almost my birthday >:3c

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azusas replied to your post: why do i have forehead wrinkles. im 16…

u are curious and life is v surprising to u. the wrinkles are beautiful.

that is so cute omfg than k u

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haarukaze replied to your post: why do i have forehead wrinkles. im 16…

i have them too though :(

lets start a support group

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